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Medicare Open Enrollment in Florida for 2019

Many seniors living in Florida 65 and older are probably starting to think about their Medicare choices for 2019. For good reason. Florida seniors no the importance of taking advantage of Medicare supplemental insurance in the Sunshine State because they can literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year on health insurance costs. Many Florida seniors can feel the pinch of rising health insurance coverage and because of that more and more are turning to Florida Medigap plans in addition to traditional Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Annual Election Period for Florida Medicare Recipients in 2019

Florida Medicare Supplement plans help cover health insurance expenses not covered by traditional health care. There are around ten different Medigap plans in Florida that you can enroll in once you turn 65. They cover a variety of health insurance expenses including extended hospital stays, certain hospice care and routine health checkup expenses like blood work. You will also want to consider purchasing a stand alone Florida Prescription Drug plan also known as Medicare Part D.

Florida Medigap Plans for 2019 are sold by private health insurance companies you’ve probably heard of. It really depends on where you live so that’s why it’s best to compare Medigap Plans in Florida in whatever city you reside. A person looking at Medigap Plans in Tallahassee will probably find much different results than someone comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Miami.

When Is Medicare Open Enrollment?

You can enroll in a Florida Medigap plan during the Medicare Open Enrollment period mandated by the Federal Government. Medicare Open Enrollment for 2017 will start on October 15th and end on December 7th. However, you are welcome to compare Medigap policies in Florida using our website. Also, if you have any questions about Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida you can call our toll free telephone number and speak to a licensed agent.

Like traditional Medicare, Florida Medigap plans can help ensure that your overall financial situation is secure. Many Florida seniors who are retired are living on a fixed income or budget. Taking advantage of programs like Medicare and Social Security is a smart move.

Florida Medigap plans vary in price depending on where you live. This is another great reason to compare the best rated Medicare Supplement plans in Florida. On our site you can compare several plans side by side using our state of the art system.

Supplemental insurance usually comes with a monthly premium. However, the savings it provides is usually worth it in the long run.